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Jody A. Yelped this on 12/16/2016:

Joe is very thorough and walked me through the buying process which in this rapid sellers market is tough for the buyers.  Joe has the process down and ensures that every “I” is dotted and every T crossed.  I have to admit that I learned more about the process than I ever thought I would and understood “why” I had to do the steps that had to be done. If you want to buy or sell a house in this tough market, call Joe.


H.K. Yelped this on 10/18/2016:

Joe showed us how to sell our house in Seattle.  He showed us the various stages involved and helped us prepare for each of the stages, from cleaning the house, contracting to fix things, staging, pricing, offering, to closing.  We were able to do this remotely in different parts of the world and the country.  He communicated eloquently and frequently and replied to my questions very promptly wherever I was.  I’m very pleased that we got to meet him in his office in Capital Hill.


Su Zen S. Yelped this on 8/7/2016:

I’m here to re-affirm everything everyone on here has raved about. We just closed on our home! I met Joe through Robin B’s wife who recommended Joe when I mentioned I was looking for a house. I genuinely feel lucky to have Joe on our side. My husband and I are relatively new to Seattle and are first time buyers. From the first meeting with Joe (to assess whether we wanted to work with each other) up to the end of the process, Joe had always been there – keeping us informed, addressing any questions or concerns that we had. There was never a time that I felt Joe dropped the ball on us. He’s super hardworking and organized. Joe is experienced and the result of that is that the contacts he recommended are also experienced. My husband was under the impression that realtors are not to be trusted. However, at such a sellers market – we got our house on our first offer, without going crazy on bidding and without waiving inspection, he said to me “this is all thanks to Joe”. Thanks to Joe it is!


Nikki R. Yelped this on 7/13/2016:

The sale of my house went so smoothly last month that, as with all things that go smoothly, I forgot to mention just how on earth it sold within less than 9 days. Through the incredible knowledge and dedication of Joe Nabbefeld, that’s how! Joe worked with me for two years as I considered selling my home. He helped me with the timing of the sale, taught me about the market and motivated me to make the updates the house needed to eventually go at a great price. I’m so grateful to Joe for all of his help and generosity of time and knowledge. Thank you, Joe!


Sharon B. Yelped this on 4/27/2016:

Joe is very experienced and has to be one of the hardest-working realtors ever.  He knew how to address the challenges involved with selling my particular property.  He had a pricing strategy that addressed the challenge, a plan for presenting the property at its best and a timeline for getting the property sold.  And sell it did, within the time I needed it to sell.  He also kept me informed throughout the process.


Jill R. Yelped this on 3/2/2016:

Joe was the listing agent of the home that I recently purchased.  He saw a good fit in me as a buyer, and extended himself to insure that I succeeded in purchasing the home throughout the path to closing.  Joe was very detailed oriented, and highly concerned about doing the right thing for both the buyer and seller.  If you need an agent that cares, I would not hesitate to hire Joe.


Rachel C. Yelped this on 1/6/2016:

I worked with Joe to sell my condo right before the holidays. I concur with another reviewer’s comment – “Uncle Joe” IS an excellent realtor who truly knows his stuff.  He was fair and realistic (but still excited and energetic) and he works tirelessly to hunt down answers or service providers or educate.  The timeline was short but jam-packed.  We accepted an offer after a week and closed the next month.  Throughout the process, Joe kept tabs on EVERYTHING, making sure all the myriad of moving parts kept moving and keeping me apprised along the way. I now have a “Real Estate Agent for Life” – should I find myself in the market to buy in Seattle again someday, I would work with him, and  I would recommend him to anyone who doesn’t want to feel like just another transaction.


Gadi S. Yelped this on 9/1/14:

We started to work with Joe earlier this year and were able to purchase 2 great properties in Seattle already. We are now looking into the 3rd one! Working with Joe was great for me because he knows the real estate market in Seattle extremely well, and he never hesitates to apply the extra effort to look into every detail of the deal. Joe is also a great communicator and was able to get me a lot of info to ensure the best winning strategy. Of course without offering too much 🙂


Lindsey J. Yelped this on 8/8/14:

My husband and I thouroughly enjoyed working with Joe. He is professional, easy to communicate with, and really knows his stuff. Since we were coming in from out of town we were particularly thankful to have his knowledge and expertise on our side. Thanks Joe!


Barry E. Yelped this on 6/1/14:

As a first-time home buyer working on a tight timeline, Joe proved to be invaluable to closing on-time and on just the right property for me. Joe’s extensive market and property knowledge helped me, in our very first conversation and meeting, to narrow in on locations most likely to contain the type of property and the price range I was seeking. Once I decided to make an offer on the property (to which Joe provided counsel but was never pushy, perfectly aligning with my desire to have a Buyer’s Agent who represented MY best interest); Joe Patiently explained and walked me through each step of the offer/purchase/closing process. Joe always made sure I knew the immediate priorities (great for my time management!), potential pitfalls as well as the road map for the remainder of the process (helpful to clarify the unknowns for a first-time buyer!). It is also apparent that Joe takes a personal interest in his clients and the satisfaction of helping a prospective buyer become a happy homeowner — I certainly am. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to work with Joe.


Jeff C. Yelped this on 5/13/14:

I moved here a 3 years ago from PHX and knew I was going to spend a lot more than what they ask for homes in PHX, so I needed a local professional. I found Joe through an house in which he was filling in for another agent. My partner and I were instantly drawn to the house he was hosting but wanted to get a sense of what else was out there. HE took note of everything we absolutely had to have in a home. Within a day, Joe was able to draw up 5 other homes to view the next day. All homes had different characteristics, and most of all within our price range and location. Needless to say, Joe was very thorough with his investigations, negotiations and timely fashion. He was very communicative and his knowledge of the area is vast!! We purchased our home a year and 5 months ago and we are so happy. Joe is a go getter and doesn’t give up on you.


Jeff B. Yelped this on 4/2/14:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Joe for all his hard work and help as my family and I considered the move to Seattle. It was not an easy decision and getting to know the niehgborhoods and seeing the homes was really helpful. Joe took the time to get to know what would work for us and what wouldnt work for us so that by the time we made the trip out there, our time was well-spent on houses and neighborhoods that hold promise for all of us. Great overall service too.


Stephen and Heather Yelped  this on 1/12/12:

Working with Joe to purchase our first house was a fantastic experience! At our first meeting, Joe spent about an hour just talking to us about why we wanted to buy, what our goals for the house were, and of course, what the things were that we absolutely had to have. After that, we sat together and started picking some homes to go see.

As we began to go explore houses, Joe was constantly taking note of the things that we saw that we liked and the things that we didn’t so that with each subsequent house hunting trip, the homes felt more and more as though they were tailored to us. Eventually, Joe led us in the door of THE house, the one that had all of the things we wanted and immediately felt right.

Having introduced us to the house that we wanted to make our new home, Joe proceeded to lead us through the offer process, which was basically Ebay…for houses. We sat with Joe and entered our bid, and then we waited the whole 24 hours it took for our offer to be…accepted! This is when the real fun began.

Because our house was a bank-owned home, we got to experience the fun of jumping through all manner of home-buying hoops. While Joe had been wonderful up to this point, as soon as our offer was accepted, he put his closing shoes on and started operating on a higher plane of realtorship. As soon as the documents started coming in, Joe was all over getting them to the right people, signed, and out the door at high speed. All this, while holding our hands, and doing all he could to make our lives easier. We were clueless about nearly every aspect of purchasing a home: scheduling insections, sewer scopes, the closing process, etc. Joe made sure to walk us through every step and was patient with us as we learned about the process and asked numerous questions.

Throughout the course of our home-buying process, there were multiple times where Joe went above and beyond to answer our questions over lunch, a coffee, a beer, and simply do what needed to be done to get us into our new home.

Needless to say, we closed on time, and now have a wonderful home that fits who we are and feels just right.

Joe is a Seattle home-buying encyclopedia and an excellent realtor who knows his stuff. But on top of that,  Joe is an intelligent and kind person who puts in a supreme amount of effort to make his clients happy, and that is what sets him apart.

Thank you, Joe. We truly could not have done this without you.


Nate Yelped this on 10/9/11:

When personal life changes dictated the need to put our home on the market, despite an environment of slow sales, we were worried about what might happen. Joe accepted the challenge and got us a buyer and made sure that nothing got in the way of closing that sale. Joe made himself available, no matter the time of day or night, to keep everything on track. We were not only relieved but thrilled to have such a positive outcome of working with Joe.


Pearl Yelped this on 11/9/10:

Joe is as patient and with-you-for-the-long-haul agent as you can find. We started our house searching process back in February and after putting in offers at 2 different homes (one of them a short sale) and waiting for the painful process of trying to buy a short sale home, we finally found the perfect home sweet home in August along Lake Washington for an excellent price! And the best part, it wasn’t a short sale!

Joe educated us throughout the entire process and provided us with lots of helpful info and mental preparation, especially when we first went after the short sale.  He just stuck with us even after the first deal fell through, and the second house offer was beat, and he just kept us focused on finding that perfect home.

Joe worked HARD for us and was in our corner 120%! He even advised us on how to best least out our condo and helped with looking for lenders.  A full service five star agent!!


Mark Yelped this on 4/25/11:

I had very precise requirements for a prospective commercial property acquisition, which narrowed the search to a few small commercial properties on Capitol Hill. None of the parcels were even on the market. Joe got a hold of several of the owners and developed a good relationship with them, eventually helping them to realize that they were ready to sell. It was a long process, and we had a few hiccups because of another buyer joining the fray, but Joe dealt with the setbacks and kept on top of everything all the way to the end, and I was able to buy my first-choice property. It was an outcome that seemed like a long-shot when I first started. I’m certain there’s no way it would have happened without Joe.


Hannah Yelped this on 8/12/11:

The criteria for our real estate search were diverse: we wanted a property that would keep me (a recent college graduate) close to my social scene in the University District and Capitol Hill; that would give my parents a suitable place to retire in the future; and that would make a wise investment.  Joe showed us a number of condos, listened carefully to our feedback, and refined the search until we found the perfect place in Lower Queen Anne.

Joe helped us navigate the building’s HOA restrictions (new territory to us) and kept us very well informed as we proceeded with the purchase.  He was generous with his time and sharp with his insight.  It was a pleasure to work with such a professional agent.


Sara Yelped this on 7/5/11:

We owned a small-but-nice condo in West Seattle that we bought near the peak prices but no longer planned to live in. We had rented it out, but the rent didn’t cover our mortgage costs, so we decided to sell. When we couldn’t get a buyer at a high-enough price during last year’s tax-credit rush, we took it off the market for a year. We brought it back this spring and we’re happy to report that it sold!  Joe was a rock throughout the process.  He worked with our best interests in mind and always went above and beyond. I highly recommend Joe.