If I met you at an Open House

The key is: It’s never too early to do one good face-to-face get-together. That first consultation.

I walk people through this process every day, all day, week in and week out, 14 years now. (That’s why you want to work with me.) So I know where the potholes are. The dead-ends. The steep drops. The nasty uphills. The blind curves. The unleashed dogs. The slippery spots. What to do, and in what order, and what not to do.

So tell me again why we should wait to sit down and look at that roadmap together?

If we get together – in my office, at a great coffee shop, at your home, where you work – you aren’t suddenly in a trap.

I’m a light touch. I’m here to help. If I do it that way, I do great. And you get great service, including a good early roadmap that will save a lot of heartache and wasted time. You can (and should) still interview other Realtors. Always dare to compare.

I likely jotted notes about what you shared when you left the Open House. I’ll be ready when we meet. You can then take your time and circle back when you’re ready.

If you are a buyer who knows you next need to talk to a lender about pre-approval, ping me and I can send you a list of what docs all lenders will need for that (2 years tax filings, 2 months paychecks, credit score, 2 months account statements). I have a roster of very proficient and personable lenders to refer you to. We can still meet before that for that “first consultation.”

If you are a homeowner who is thinking you want to sell soon, we can review that full process and get to producing a CMA to start gauging the market value of your home. (You can and should still interview others, get the best fit for you.)

I love meeting people at Open Houses. Glad I met you. Let’s connect and look at that roadmap.